Wild Birch Books

– is a small, independent publishing company located in Marblehead, Massachusetts, producing between ten and twenty titles per year and maintaining an active reprint program.  The company’s back list includes an extensive array of classics, rediscovered masterworks, reference materials, translations of world literature, historical writings and academic titles.  The front list consists primarily of women-authored works of original fiction and non-fiction.

dedication to women authors

Wild Birch stands apart from the competition in its dedication to the promotion of women authors, by its support of works that deserve to be printed even if they will not achieve “best seller” status, and by reprinting books for authors who desire to keep their books in print after their first-round printing has concluded. Wild Birch prioritizes partnerships with both authors and booksellers, and works tirelessly to ensure mutually beneficial, collaborative, and creative client relationships. We are always working to expand our distribution network for both print and digital books and stay on the cutting edge of technological developments in the publishing world.

fast-growing pioneer

tolerant of harsh climates

Wild Birch strives to live up to the standards set by its namesake, the wild birch tree. The birch tree is a member of the fast-growing pioneer species. Birch trees are deep-rooted, drawing up nutrients into their branches and leaves, which the trees use for their growth and then generously share with other organisms in the surrounding forest community.  They are very tolerant of harsh climates and are often the first species to colonize a devastated area.

constant growth and renewal

Thus, Wild Birch desires to be fast-growing, pioneering, deeply rooted and generous in the community, able to weather difficulties and thrive in challenging environments.  Furthermore, as the birch tree sheds its greying bark in layers that reveal its pure white interior, it is a poignant symbol of the constant growth and renewal Wild Birch endeavors to achieve.

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